IMAP Assay Kit

IMAP Assay Kit

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Based on the specific, high-affinity interaction of phospho groups with trivalent metal-containing nanoparticles (beads), IMAP is a generic, non-antibody-based platform to assess kinase, phosphatase, and phosphodiesterase activity. An enzyme reaction is performed using fluorescently labeled substrate. Addition of the IMAP Binding System stops the enzyme reaction and initiates binding of the beads to phosphorylated substrates. Binding of the substrate to the beads, which correlates to enzyme activity, can be detected using either FP or TR-FRET as a readout.

Benefits of IMAP Assays

  • IMAP provides a complete assay system for screening kinases, phosphatases, and phosphodiesterases
  • Because IMAP assays are not antibody-based, they are generic and can be used for any kinase, phosphatase, or phosphodiesterase
  • Robust fluorescence signal gives reliable results with good Z factors
  • IMAP assays are homogeneous and amenable to miniaturization for greater cost savings
  • IMAP assays are available in both FP and TR-FRET detection modes to meet users' screening needs



        Available Configurations:

         Configuration Part Number

        IMAP Evaluation Demo Kit
        Optimized 800 data point IMAP kit which includes calibrators (phosphorylated and un-phosphorylated peptides) to run a calibration curve for either FP or TR-FRET detection

        IMAP TR-FRET Evaluation Kit with Progressive Binding System
        Optimized 800 data point protocol to run IMAP with the Progressive Binding System; Additional kinase and substrate are required
         IMAP FP PDE Evaluation Kits (R8175)
         IMAP TR-FRET PDE Evaluation Kits 
        Includes optimized protocol, cAMP and cGMP substrates; customer provides their own PDE enzyme


        Additional discounted configurations available for customers performing several high-throughput screens in a year.  Please contact your local sales representative or call 1-800-635-5577 for more information.

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