Fura-2 QBT Calcium Kit

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Fura-2 QBT Calcium Kit

  • $149.00

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The Fura-2 QBT Calcium Kit eliminates the cause of data variability and reduces the number of steps compared to conventional wash protocols using Fura-2. Leveraging our proprietary masking technology with the industry-standard Fura-2 ratiometric calcium indicator, researchers can:

  • See largest Fura-2 signal window available
  • Eliminate wash artifacts and increase throughput with homogeneous assay
  • Minimize the impact of uneven dye loading and leakage on results
  • Interrogate low-density, weakly or non-adherent cells using no-wash protocol
  • Assay on FlexStation® 3 and FLIPR® Tetra Systems
  • Reference thousands of citations where Fura-2 has been used for cell lines and target



      Available Configurations:

       Configuration Description Part Number

      Evaluation Kit

        • 1 plate x 2 vials each
        Explorer Kit
        • 1 plate x 10 vials + Component B buffer
        Bulk Kit
        • 10 plates x 10 vials


        Compatible with 96- and 384-well plate formats.

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