XP Media Hybridoma Growth Medium (with HT)

XP Media Hybridoma Growth Medium (with HT)

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The XP Media and CloneMedia for Mouse Hybridoma Generation is a complete solution that supports all stages of hybridoma cell line development from fusion to scale up.
Optimized to support the selection and growth of hybridoma clones using the Molecular Devices ClonePix systems, the kit is also compatible with other appropriate methods. 

​Key Advantages:

  • The semi-solid CloneMedia method of cloning prevents the overgrowth of fast-growing clones, allowing for the selection of potentially valuable slow-growing clones
  • Hands-on time can be reduced when the workflow is combined with a ClonePix system. Hypoxanthine-aminopterin-thymidine (HAT) selection and cloning of hybridomas are accomplished in one step, minimizing the required time and materials

Component Description Part Number
XP Media Hybridoma Growth Medium (with HT)

Optimized for hybridoma expansion following clone selection and colony picking. Contains hypoxanthine and thymidine (HT) and is used to wean hybridomas off aminopterin from the selection process.


    • DMEM
    • Serum*
    • Gentamycin
    • Supplement
    • Hypoxanthine and thymidine (HT)




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