IMAP FP Substrate Finder

IMAP FP Substrate Finder

  • $3,799.00

The Substrate Finder saves time and reduces costs. It allows users to test kinases against more than 50 different peptides in a single 384-well plate, for less than the cost of purchasing a handful of substrates separately. Once a substrate is identified, it can be used with IMAP in either FP or TR-FRET detection mode.

IMAP FP Substrate Finder Options
There are three IMAP FP Substrate Finder Kits: two for serine/threonine kinases and one fortyrosine kinases. All peptide substrates contained in these plates have been published and shown to be valid kinase substrates. All peptides are represented in quadruplicate so that replicates can be run, or multiple kinases can be tested for each substrate.

The kits provide coverage for different areas of the kinome:

  • The first serine/threonine kinase plate covers the CAMK and AGC kinase groups. It contains 56 kinase substrates, plus three phosphorylated substrates as positive controls
  • The second serine/threonine kinase plate covers the CMGC, CK1, STE, and TKL groups. It contains 61 kinase substrates, plus six phosphorylated control substrates
  • The tyrosine kinase plate contains 57 kinase substrates and five phosphorylated control substrates



          Available Configurations:

           Configuration Description Part Number

          Substrate Finder kit for Tyrosine kinases 

          Tyrosine plate consists of 62 substrates: 57 unphosphorylated substrates and 5 phosphorylated substrates (as controls) (R8134)
          Substrate Finder kit for Ser/Thr Kinases 1 (CAMK/AGC) Serine/Threonine plate contains 59 substrates: 56 unphosphorylated substrates and 3 phosphorylated substrates (as controls) (R8131)
          Substrate Finder kit for Ser/Thr Kinases 2 (CMGC/CK1/ STE/TKL) Serine/Threonine Kinase Plate 2 consists of 67 substrates: 61 kinase substrates and 6 phosphorylated substrates (as controls) (R8140)


          All IMAP FP Substrate Finder Kits include:

          • Two 384-well plates with each substrate represented in quadruplicate
          • Sufficient IMAP beads and buffers to run both plates, including added controls
          • IMAP Substrate Mapper (electronic file)
          • IMAP Substrate Finder Product Insert (contains directions and a sample protocol)

          Validated substrates for IMAP Assays

          For more information on substrates available for purchase, including amino acid sequences and part numbers, please contact your Molecular Devices regional sales specialist or visit our IMAP Assay Archive.

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