ClonePix Welcome Kit B (for non-CHO Users)

ClonePix Welcome Kit B (for non-CHO Users)

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CloneMatrix™ is an easy-to-use product that converts existing mammalian cell biology media to semi-solid form. Semi-solid media maintains the positional integrity of growing cell colonies, thus allowing the automated identification and picking of clonal cell lines.

  • The use of semi-solid media combined with the unique fluorescent screening and picking technology of the ClonePix System will revolutionize clonal cell line development in biopharmaceuticals.

  • CloneMatrix is a unique methylcellulose concentrate that allows users to add their own media formulation to produce an optimized semisolid media reagent.
  • CloneMatrix is conveniently supplied as 40 mL in a 100 mL bottle, reducing the risk of contamination as there is no requirement to aliquot the concentrate. Supplied as a 2.5x concentrate, simply add optimized media (2x concentration) selection and supplements as required.
  • CloneXL is a 50x-concentrated cell growth supplement proven to improve mammalian cell survival and support CHO, HEK293, stem cell clone screening, and single-cell cloning applications. It contains amino acids and thymidine family members with patented formulation.
  • Kit (PN# K9001) includes:
      • 1 bottle of CloneMatrix
      • 1 vial of Human CloneDetect
      • 1 vial of Mouse CloneDetect
      • 1 vial of CloneXL 50x Concentrated Animal Component-Free Supplement
      • 1 bottle of ClonePix Calibeads

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