ClonePix Welcome Kit A (for CHO Users)

ClonePix Welcome Kit A (for CHO Users)

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Are you already a CHO Cell user? The CHO Growth A media portfolio provides a fast, simple, and comprehensive solution for CHO cell line development. Combined with the CloneDetect detection agent, CloneSelect® Imager, and ClonePix® 2 System, researchers can more efficiently develop new protein-producing CHO cell lines, thus accelerating time-to-market.

  • Optimized for high recombinant protein production
  • Ready-to-use culture media and supplements are free of animal components
  • Enhanced optical quality for colony imaging
  • One-step fast screening and selection of high-value clones
  • Kit (PN# K9000) includes:
    • 1 bottle of CHO growth A without L-Glutamine
    • 1 vial of Human CloneDetect
    • 1 vial of Mouse CloneDetect
    • 1 vial of CloneXL 50x Concentrated Animal Component-Free Supplement
    • 1 bottle of ClonePix Calibeads

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