CloneDetect - Sheep

CloneDetect - Sheep

  • $350.00

CloneDetect is designed for use with ClonePix™ systems and CloneMedia to increase workflow productivity in the screening and selection of mammalian cell lines.

  • A choice of detection agents specific for secreted mouse, rat or human IgGs
  • Complex Initiation Factor products available when detecting antigen specific secretion from hybridomas
  • Supplied tissue culture validated-sterile and azide free
  • Also available in atomiser applicator for ready-to-use ‘spray’ application

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      Available Configurations:

      Product Name Description Part Number
      CloneDetect Anti-Sheep IgG (H+L) Specific, sterile, azide-free, fluorescein 10000U / 1 ml  K8246
      CloneDetect Anti-Sheep IgG (H+L) Specific, Complex Initiation Factor (CIF) sterile, azide-free, fluorescein 10000U / 1 ml  K8247



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